About us

Few words about mekimim

Our   name – Mekimim –literally translated as “initiators” – represents the loads of initiative and movement that characterize our real estate projects and endeavors.  Our real estate endeavors are based on extensive experience and knowledge in a variety of fields including Property improvement for commercial and private use; real-estate purchasing groups; Guiding, assisting and managing construction projects from the planning and design stages  to their occupancy; and managing  “TMA 38” (Israeli National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening of Buildings) Projects.

We specialize in finding and improving real estate for residential and commercial uses throughout Israel. Our abilities are based on extensive experience in upgrading dozens of properties through many successful real estate projects that have been completed, or currently are  under construction in Tel Aviv, Bnei  Brak , Petach Tikva , Jerusalem, Givat Shmuel , Tiberius and other Israeli cities.

Finding the right property is the first stage of a long process until the actual construction commences.  After that, our teams of architects, appraisers and environment consultants work together on the preparation of detailed plans showing the construction opportunities and possibilities. Our knowledge of the planning procedures, our close interface with the planning authorities at the local and national levels along with close ties with developers and contractors, assure high yield property development projects.


We have accumulated vast experience in recruiting and managing purchasing groups (“kvutsot rechisha”) and building societies (“amutot bniya”) from the initial stage of locating suitable properties or submitting bids for land tenders, through recruiting the group members , managing the project  until the additional property value is created and the project is completed.  We know how to use the various advantages that purchasing groups and building societies can provide their members including reduction of construction costs, tax planning, managing the relationship with the bank and registering the acquired property in the name of the group members. These actions are almost impossible when purchasing an apartment directly from a contractor.

 Our purchasing groups receive continuous assistance and advice from our architects, engineers and building inspectors, thereby insuring that the construction process will proceed at the utmost efficiency to fit the needs of the group members.

TMA 38

TMA 38 (The Israeli National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening of buildings) allows homeowners to contact entrepreneurs who in return for strengthening the structure are granted additional building rights in the same building. Beyond the process of strengthening the structure we provide the tenants with renovations to the building exterior, installation of an elevator, adding a residential secure space (“mamad”) to each apartment and more. Our improvements enhance the value of apartments by 15% – 30% at the very least.

Project Management

In addition to real estate enhancement projects, we also manage residential and commercial construction projects. We do this while maintaining constant contact with our clients. We are always accessible to our clients, while explaining every detail of the construction process and keeping them involved every step of the way. Our method of doing business and approach to the construction process is based on the principal that our customers deserve the best value for their money so that they can realize their dream of a home in Israel.

Our service concept

Many companies have the knowhow required to manage construction projects and sell real estate, their choices along the way dictate success, failure or mediocre results. We believe in having all the various procedures transparent to tour clients, constantly share information and decisions with them, and are always accessible to them. Our customers become informed intelligent customers and as a result end up with a better more enhanced product at lower costs. We aren’t salesmen. We are builders and our customers benefit from it.