Conditions générales

Terms of use


1. Welcome to Mekimim Ltd’s website (hereinafter – « this site » or the « website »).

2. Use of this website is subject to the following regulations and rules that shall regulate the terms of use of this website (hereinafter – the « regulations » or « terms of use »). You are required to read these regulations fully, thoroughly and carefully before you make any use of this site.

3. Making any use of this site constitutes your express agreement to all the conditions listed in these terms of use herein. Therefore, if you do not agree to these terms of use, you are requested not to make any use of the site.

4. These Terms of use will come into force immediately upon their publication on the website.

5. These terms of use in English, are a translation of the site’s Hebrew terms of use. For elimination of doubt, the Hebrew version of these terms of use is the binding one. This English version is included for convenience purposes only, and shall not bind the site or the site owner or Mekimim Ltd. in any way howsoever.

6. Browsing this website or your registering as a user on this site (see below ) , shall be deemed as your explicit agreement to these terms of use and as you agreement not to make any unlawful use of this site.

7. The site owner and the site administrator have the right to suspend, restrict or terminate immediately the access of users to this site if they violate the terms of use, or for any other reason at their sole discretion.

8. The Site owner or Site management and those acting on their behalf have the unlimited right to change the provisions of these terms of use at the time of their choice without being required to provide any prior notification to the Site users. Thus it is every user’s duty to review the terms of use prior to making any use of the site.

9. The Content published on this website may also be published in other media outlets including other websites, television, cell phones or any other outlets. These terms of use shall apply to all other publications as well.

10. The paragraph titles are selected for easy access and do not have any legal meaning or implications howsoever.

The site and its content

11. This site is operated by Mekimim Ltd., a company registered in Israel and operating under the laws of the State of Israel (the « Company »).

12. This site contains, among others, information about the Company (and affiliated companies), Company projects, videos, articles, illustrations, plans and blueprints, various advertising content, publications on various promotional campaigns.

13. For elimination of doubt, all images, illustrations, plans, blueprints, etc. that will be displayed on the site from time to time are for illustrative purposes only.

14. The site manager tries to have the site and its various services accessible at all times. However that is not always possible, and cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, the site manager will try to restore the site as soon as possible in the event the site crashes or experiences problems. For elimination of doubt, No compensation or credit will be provided in any circumstances due to troubles experienced by site.


15. Before you can perform any tasks on this website, you must register with the site.

16. First, you must choose a username and password that will service you in the future. In addition, you must fill out the online form on the Website. In this form you will be asked to provide basic information that will allow the site to verify your identity. Requested information may include your name, address in Israel, telephone number, fax number and active email address. You may also be required to provide your credit card information, social security number and other information as may be necessary.

17. For elimination of doubt, this site has the right to refuse to register any user, for any reason howsoever without being obliged to provide reasoning.

18. This site, the owner of the site and the site administrator and anyone on their behalf, have the right to terminate, close, suspend or limit the account activity of any registered user at any time, without being required to provide prior notice. This site, the owner of the site and the site administrator and anyone on their behalf, also have the right to terminate, close, suspend or limit the account activity of any registered user at any time, if they suspect violation of the terms of use or if they suspect that the account holder provided incorrect user information or has acted in a way that can cause damage to the site, or acted in a way that is not consistent with the operation of the site.

19. A username, password, or user account information of a registered person may not be transferred to another in any way howsoever.


20. Site administrator and site owner maintain the right to collect and store any information derived from the use of the site.

21. The site, as part of its routine activities, may gather information on the site users, as part of its goal of providing the site users with an enjoyable browsing experience, that is also efficient and tailored to each user individually.

Saving information

22. All information collected by the website will be maintained by the Web site for the needs specified above, and will not be disclosed to any third parties. Access to information will be limited and will only be granted to authorized employees.

23. The « Cookie » technology is a technology that allows the site to provide the user with customized information. The Cookies allow us to know which parts of the website you visited, what is the number of times you visited any part of the site, and the time you spent there. According to information collected by cookies, the site can runs a statistical analysis to improve the services to the public using the site. Additionally, this technology will assist your access to the sections of the site you regularly browse.

Sending promotions from site

24. By agreeing to register to this site, you agree to the inclusion of the personal data you provided – in to the website database. Also, by registering to the site, you agree to the sending of various messages from the site to you, by email or in other forms.

25. The site intends to update its users on various offers and sales. These updates can be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user when registering to the site. By using this site, you are granting your consent to the mailing of various publications to you, including by direct mail, according to the provisions of the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasting ) law, 1982. The marketing content may be sent in a variety of ways, including but not limited to e-mail, text messages (SMS), fax, direct mail, automated telephone dialing and so forth.

26. If you do not want to receive messages of this type, you are requested to send a request to remove you from the mailing list, and the website will then stop sending you such messages within 7 business days after receiving your message.

27. As stated above, the removal of your name and details from the site database will be within seven business days of actually receiving the notice. From the date of delivery of the request and until the actual removal you will be barred from raising any claim or demand against the website or Mekimim in connection with marketing content sent to you or received by you in the stated timeframe.


28. The website and the owner of the site and the site management do not bear any responsibility whatsoever, express or implied, concerning the information published on this website.

29. The website and the owner of the site and the site management do not bear any responsibility whatsoever, express or implied, for the content of advertisements, banners, or any promotional material appearing on the site.

Intellectual Property

30. All intellectual property rights to this website, including, but not limited to its designs, graphics, files, computer code, applications, photos, videos, audio files, texts, specifications, translations and any additional or linked information is owned by the owner of the website. Therefore, you are prohibited from making any use of the website contents without prior written consent.

31. In this regard it is clarified that the site name, logo, design and all its associated trademarks, registered and non- registered, are the exclusive property of the company. No use shall be made of the aforesaid without prior written consent.

32. You may not make any commercial use, nor duplicate, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish, update, sell, or make changes in any manner and in any form, to the site, its contents, or the information contained without prior written consent.

33. You may not make any use of the site’s contents for any unlawful or immoral purpose.

34. The Site, its owner or manager will not be responsible for various functions or actions preformed by a user of the site that shall be deemd a violation of law or of public policy. The Site owners and managers reserve the right to supervise the users in order to prevent any such violations.


35. We hope you enjoy your visit to the site.

36. For any issue you can contact the site administrator at