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Tama 38 Projects

Tama 38 – The profit is yours!

This is for all you homeowners dreaming of enhancing the value of your apartment without spending a dime (or a shekel). We will manage the whole Tama 38 process – including the structure strengthening and the additions to the building – while you take in the profits.

TMA 38 (“Tochnit Mitar Artzit 38” – The Israeli National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening of buildings) allows for homeowners to contact entrepreneurs who in return for strengthening the structure are granted additional building rights (usually adding stories) in the building.

We manage several Tama 38 projects and advise in others while maintaining continuous contact with the residents regarding the planning and construction processes. The Tama 38 Projects we lead usually include installing an elevator, exterior renovation of the building and the building lobby, adding parking spaces or a balcony, and adding a residential secure space room (“mamad”) to each apartment at no charge to the tenants.

Upon the completion of the tama 38 renovation, the building will be reinforced against possible earthquakes and property values ​​will increase by 15 to 30 percent. This usually means additional tens of thousands of dollars of value to each apartment!.

Tama 38 projects include

handling the paperwork with the authorities. recruiting the professionals required to complete the construction. precise planning.

strengthening the building against earthquakes. facade renovation, including sealing, coating and replacing windows and shutters. adding a residential secure space room (“mamad”) in each apartment, as may be permitted by the building permit. adding a sun terrace, in each apartment, as may be permitted by the building permit. other additions to the apartments, as may be permitted by the building permit. Installing a new elevator or remodeling an already installed one. adding parking spaces. Renovating shared public areas in the building such as staircases, lobbies and the building shelter.

This offer is great – so why not start right away?

All this seems great (and it is), but not all condominiums are eligible for Tama 38 projects. Only buildings constructed before January 1st 1980 are eligible and these buildings have restrictions as well. A few examples : Unoccupied buildings; two-story buildings built on a total land area of ​​400 square meters; and buildings that have a court issued demolition warrant are not eligible for Tama 38 projects –even if constructed before January 1st, 1980.

To find out whether your building is eligible for Tama 38 renovations and if you can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your apartment, in addition strengthening it against earthquakes, contact us today by phone 03-696-1010 and we will provide you with a prompt response regarding the possibility of you benefiting from a Tama 38