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Property improvement

Property Improvement – Planning Ahead Before Everybody Else!

We at Mekimim will maximize your property value for your benefit.

As you may know, Israel is full of properties designated as “Agricultural”. This means that these plots may be used for agricultural puposes only, and cannot be built on for commercial or private use. Nonetheless, due to the large and constant demand for land development, especially in Israel’s Center, there is a possibility of changing agricultural properties’ designation so that it may be built on for other uses. Once the authorities approve this change of designation, there is a large increase in the value of the property, hence the term “Property Improvement”.

Thus, one who anticipates a property’s change of designation – and purchased such a property, can enjoy a large profit and as a result can afford to build a large home in a good location on property newly designated for building, colloquially know as “defrosted”. One the other hand, one who did not anticipate the change of designation and did not know when to join the proposed deal to purchase the “defrosted” property, will find it considerably more challenging to build on the property due the large increase in its value, which may put it beyond his reach.

Our expertise

We are experts in locating properties, shortly before they are “defrosted” and designated for building which causes a jump in their value.

Our experience, market savvy, exquisite knowledge of Israeli real property market and years of relations with our clients, have made us one of the leading Israeli companies in land development and property improvement.

We currently are managing tens of successful building projects in Israel that originated from Property Improvement projects, some can be found on Rabbi Akiva Street in Bnei Brak, Orlov Street in Petach Tikva, Riness Street in Petach Tikva, Nissim Bachar Street in the Nachlaot Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Begin Street in Beer Sheba and many many others.

Engaging in Property Improvement 

Engaging in Property Improvement requires many actions and many professional traits. Below are some of ours:

* Locating the potential property by our expert team.

* Checking the building rights allocated to the selected property with the relevant authorities and checking the applicable (sometimes ancient) zoning regulations which may entitle the property to additional building rights.

* Negotiating and dealing with various construction commissions that allocate building rights and permits.

* Negotiating the purchase of the property from its original owner.

* Taking care of all the legal aspects of purchasing the property from the original owners and of allocating additional building rights to the property.

* High level architectural planning and design.

* Constructing the project with the best contractors and constant supervision.

Why work with us?

The Property Improvement process can take a long time and requires a large amount of experience and know-how. Quite often the change