Service Charter

Many know to manage construction processes and sell real estate , but generally dictate election success, failure or mediocre result . Gradually paved our way , believing in the work processes are transparent to the customer , providing quick response and service until full satisfaction . Care about us as you enter your house on foot the right. important to us that you will be involved in the planning and you get what you paid adequate compensation . we are not ” classic estate salesmen ” and therefore our way of managing and selling real estate is different.

Since we are founders believe that our customers are the most important asset , we publish our service , detailing what we promise and are committed to do for our customers :

  1. We guarantee to provide courteous , professional and reliable quality to our customers. We invest time and money to recruit us your trusted employees , professional and dedicated .
  2.  We are committed to the call center is available Sunday through Thursday, 8:30 to 19:00 hours . If the client left a message , we promise to contact back the same day .
  3.  We guarantee reception hours Sunday through Thursday, 8:30 to 19:00 hours , knowing that many of our clients are working and available to speak or meet with us especially during the afternoon and evening .
  4.  We guarantee to respond to inquiries through our website or through our email within 2 business days only.
  5. We guarantee full transparency regarding all actions we take on behalf and for our customers . The company as a customer you are entitled to know the progress of the property at any time and receive a detailed report includes quarterly. Even if you come to us for information specific of demand , we undertake to deliver it to you.
  6.  In addition, we undertake to provide information to the client on asset and project status to whom it belongs within 2 business days from the time contacted us , please do so.
  7. I undertake to submit forms : Update details / sending application form / General Information during the day in which the customer has created us.
  8.  We guarantee a reliable mode to send a report to the client during the day it contact us (Age – How to Articles 6 and 8 coexist – you undertake to perform the same day or within two business days ? ) .
  9.  We are committed to ongoing treatment with the bank , help in determining the most favorable loan terms to the customer , in a timely manner as possible.
  10. . We guarantee privacy and confidentiality , not to transfer information given to us by our customers as a foreign body that has no part in providing direct services and accompanying our clients .

We always strive to raise the level of our service and therefore we will be happy to receive detailed feedback from you, so we can give our customers the best service.

Thank you to join the family set up .