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Maintenance and management of buildings

Condominium management – for your peace and quiet!

We are always accompanying and assisting our customers through the planning and building process in our various projects, but our relationship does not end with handing the keys to the new apartment to the occupants. We continue to assist you even when living in the apartment.

In many buildings the tenants find it difficult to establish orderly condominium management and maintenance for various reason: No one wants to be the one who chases after the neighbors to collect the monthly building management fees, no one wants be the one entailed with the task of finding a plumber to attend to a clogged pipe or any other mishap – especially when it happens in the middle of the night… not to mention taking care of the payment and making sure that the fee the serviceman is charging is justified. Also more often than not the condominium lobby is full of promotional material lying around with no one bothering to pick it up or to dispose of it..

Our management services

In order to prevent this hassle and allow the condominium residents to enjoy proper maintenance and cleanliness, peace and quiet and clean gardens and public areas we offer management services that take care of all the problems that tenants living in a condominium may incur.

Our Property Management services are provided through subcontractors and include:=

  1. Ongoing collection of maintenance fees from tenants by computerized methods, while continuously monitoring and following up on collection, including payment by credit card or monthly deductions from bank accounts.
  2. Managing the condominium maintenance bank account with full transparency while continuously providing tenants with all details of deposits and expenses.
  3. Continuous supervision and control of the work provided by service providers, including the following services:

a) Cleaning Services – Waxing and polishing the stairwells, cleaning windows, trash cans, yards and building environs.

b) Landscaping Services – Ongoing treatment of the gardens, courtyards and lobbies: planting, fertilization, irrigation and pest control, while using the most cost effective methods.

c) Plumbing.

d) Electrical works.

e) Day to day maintenance ( i.e. replacing light bulbs )

f) Elevator maintenance (bi-monthly checkup and engineer inspection once every six months).

g) Solar heating system maintenance.

h) Diesel Water heating system maintenance.

i) Water pressure pumps maintenance.

j) Fire detection and sprinkler system maintenance.

k) Controlling CO emissions.

l) Generator maintenance.

m) Cleaning and disinfecting pool water and general pool maintenance.

n) Pest control.

    1. Tracking condominium payments of bills to utility service providers (electricity, water, gas, etc.).
    2. Prompt treatment of urgent problems such as stopped pipes and elevator malfunctions. We have emergency staff available 24 hours a day to provide solutions for any such problems.
    3. Providing condominium Security Services (for an additional fee), Installation of viewing and recording mechanisms for all purposes.
    4. Insuring the condominium.

We are committed to maintaining your property at the highest level, so that the value of your apartment will be enhanced, at affordable prices. It is because of our vast experience and know- how that we can offer our clients maintenance services under very favorable terms.

Call us today at 03-6961010 and we will provide you with a price quote for maintenance services in.